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Centrifugal Air Compressor

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Centrifugal Compressors

Working pressure: 0.8~25bar 11.6~362.5psig

Air delivery: 25~1500m3/min

Working power: 100~6000kw



undefinedAviation class high efficiency and high reliability titanium alloy impeller
Anti-corrosion special coating impeller used for high corrosion industry
Five-axis precision machining forging 3D flow back leaning design impeller,higher aerodynamic efficiency
Splitter blade design for large flow
Low flow loss and better adaptability for off-design conditions.


Air End




  • Gear box
    Horizontal split type for easy maintenance of the bearings and shaft seals.
    Thrust collar instead of thrust bearings. Which makes the structure simpler andincrease the transmission efficiency and reliability.

  • Cooler
    Water in tube and air in shell, easy maintenance.
    Variable cross-section patented design is adopted for cooler cabinet.
    Low flow loss and better drainage.
    Patented self-seal structure, easy maintenance and more reliable.
    Super lager design can meet the extreme working condition .
    Allowance for heat recovery design. Which improves the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy.

  • Bearing
    Tilting pad journal bearing realize high-speed and stable operation. Pad tilt will self-adjust when the bearing load changes.
    CC pad of high heat conductivity and high strength can decrease the bearing temperature and promote the stability of the rotor system.

  • Diffuser
    The speed energy of air is efficiently converted into pressure energy by the diffuser. Coupled analysis with the impeller provides high efficiency.
    The surface hardness can reach HV1300 for MA treating method is adopted. At the same time the life span of the diffuser will expanded to 3 times.

  • Labyrinth Seal
    The gas & oil seal is labyrinth type, which has no contact to the shaft., no abrasion, long life, and low maintenance, no consumption of instrument air, and also, horizontal split makes easier maintenance.

  • Inlet Guide Vane
    Smoothly and high efficiency when adjusting.
    More safty and dust proof with cover.
    High reliability by fork type.


High Efficiency Scroll

Revolute Design
Involute Design

The gas will enter the scroll directly for revolute type, but one vertical retrace will occur for involute type .
The efficiency is increased by 2%.


Patented High Efficiency And High Reliability Cooler

  • High efficiency & reliability design
    1. Straight tube design, no need to be pull out when maintaining,90% maintenance time saved.
    2. No consumption parts and low maintenance fee.
    3. Larger design, high heat exchange efficiency, low water consumption and low pressure loss, about 1-2% energy saving.
    4. Gradual changing Cross design, perfect gas-liquid separation effect.
    5. Stainless steel backing board design, eliminating corrosion risk.
    6. No fastening parts, no risk of dameging the impellor by fallen parts.
    7. Supported by both side, eliminating the damage risk from resonance.
    8. Long life span drainer, no rusty, draining strongly and zero gas consumption.

  • Patented compact design for air & oil cooler
    1. Compact structure, short piping and easy install.
    2. Inlet water pressure is the same for oil and air cooling.


The Complete Solution

High reliability, high safety and enviromental protection.
Energy saving.
Integrated package and economical installation.
Siemens PLC + touch screen, friendly interface and easy operation.
Easy maintenance and economical cost.
1-4 stage option.
No instrument gas required.
No special base and anchor bolt required.
No sealing gas required.
Low noise and low vibration.
Anti surge protection.

Technical Parameters

KOA Series


Capacity Range: 25 - 100 m3/min
Discharge Pressure: 0.8 - 11 bar(g)
Main Motor Power: 100 - 600 Kw
Main Motor Voltage: 380V / 3KV / 6KV / 10KV / 50Hz / 3Ph
Base Size: 3400mm*2200mm
Weight: 7000kg - 8000kg

KOS Series


Capacity Range: 100 - 240 m3/min
Discharge Pressure: 0.8 - 16 bar(g)
Main Motor Power: 300 - 1350 Kw
Main Motor Voltage: 380V / 3KV / 6KV / 10KV / 50Hz / 3Ph
Base Size: 4000mm*2300mm
Weight: 9000kg - 11000kg

KOT Series


Capacity Range: 200 - 400 m3/min
Discharge Pressure: 0.8 - 11 bar(g)
Main Motor Power: 600 - 2000 Kw
Main Motor Voltage: 3KV / 6KV / 10KV / 50Hz / 3Ph
Base Size: 5000mm*2300mm
Weight: 16000kg - 20000kg

KOL Series


Capacity Range: 400 - 1500 m3/min
Discharge Pressure: 0.8 - 25 bar(g)
Main Motor Power: 1500 - 6000 Kw
Main Motor Voltage: 3KV / 6KV / 10KV / 50Hz / 3Ph
Base Size: 12000mm*6500mm
Weight: 20000kg - 70000kg

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