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Main Application Industries of Air Compressor

Time: 2019-12-12 11:29:27

Screw air compressor, which belongs to general equipment category, is widely used in steel, power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile, electronics, chemical industry, petroleum, mining, light industry, machinery manufacturing, paper printing, transportation facilities, food, casting and spraying, marine terminal, science and technology, automobile industry, aerospace, infrastructure and other fields:


1.Machinery manufacturing industry:such as machining center program control, modular machine tool program control, parts detection, equipment detection, automobile assembly, oxygen and nitrogen generators, different kinds of production line, spraying, inflation, industrial robots, and etc.
2.Metallurgical industry:such as metal smelting, sintering, cold rolling, hot rolling, binding and packaging of wire and plate, production line of continuous casting and rolling, and etc.
3.Light Industry:such as textile, household appliances, leather shoes and clothing, printing, packaging, furniture, cigarette, food, pharmaceutical factory, glass, building materials, and etc.
4.Electronics, laboratory, precision instrument industry:it plays a great role in the production of some high-precision electronic products, the process of experiment, the control and detection of precision instruments, mostly oil free compressors.
5.Chemical industry:a lot of applications in the conveying of chemical raw materials, filling and packaging of harmful liquids, automatic control devices of ships, automatic equipment of oil drilling and production, and etc.
6.Electric power industry:such as the auxiliary equipment control of the power plant, coal-fired transmission, ash removal, supporting industrial water treatment and other applications.
7.Transportation industry:the brake of the train, the track changing device, the opening and closing of the vehicle doors and windows, the automatic control of the subway, the automatic equipment of the ship, the maintenance of the aircraft, the inflation of the air cushion vehicle, the loading and unloading transportation of the wharf and other pneumatic devices are widely used.
8.Aerospace industry: because the pneumatic device can withstand not only radiation and high temperature, but also large acceleration speed, it is gradually widely used in modern aircraft, rocket and control.
9.Other industries: such as automobile maintenance, airports, hospitals, large amusement places, and etc.

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