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G series Portable Light Tower


* Four types available: gull wing type, standard type, heavy duty type, as well as stationery gull wing type.
* Wide doors especially for gull wing structure allow full access to all major service compenents.
* Professional design allows tower raises to full extension in a short time and supply lighting in time.
* Four point stabilizers enhance stability in windy conditions.
* Powder coated canopy and IP56 drip protection class are provided.
* PLC controllers are equipped for easy and intelligent operation and maintenance.
* Adopt special design to lower noise level with min.62dBA @7m.
* Auto audible warning system, which will be activated when the mast is being raised or l owered so as to make the operators and people nearby noted and keep in safe distance, is quipped.
* Energy-efficient metal halide lamp with long service life and compact structure is widely used in various industries.
* Large fuel tank provides at least 20 hours run time without refueling.
* Specially designed for mining industry, suitable for harsh road condition and service encironment.
* Easy and convenient operation is common characteristic for G series and crank web structure type can supply lighting in every direction.


Technical Parameters
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Dimension (mm)(fully retracted)3076*1509*2429mm3232*1478*2472mm2521*1530*2080mm4957*2208*2500mm
Dimension (mm)(fully extended)3076*2600*9476mm3232*2650*9476mm2521*1530*9400mm4957*3510*11314mm
Weight (dry, kg)1386150020812909
Maximum lowing speed20km/h20km/h/20km/h
Maximum wind speed rating75km/h75km/h75km/h75km/h
Voltage230-240V 50Hz
220V-240V 60Hz
230-240V 50Hz
220V-240V 60Hz
230-240V 50Hz
220V-240V 60Hz
230-240V 50Hz
220V-240V 60Hz

27.5-28.7A 50Hz
27.5-30A 60Hz

27.5-28.7A 50Hz
27.5-30A 60Hz

15.9-16.6A 50Hz
15.9-17.3A 60Hz

62.5-65.2A 50Hz
62.5-68.2A 60Hz

Rated output6.6kVA/5.3kW6.6kVA/5.3kW6.6kVA/5.3kW15kVA/12kW
Engine brandKubotaKubotaKubotaKubota
Engine modelD905-BGD905-BGD1105-BGD1703-BG
Frequency (Hz)50/6050/6050/6050/60
Speed (rpm)1500/18001500/18001500/18001500/1800
No. cylinders3333
Engine aspirationNatural aspirationNatural aspirationNatural aspirationNatural aspiration
Alternator insulationHHHH
Light power4*1000W4*1000W4*1000W8*1000W
Mast extensionAutoAutoAutoAuto
Light tiltAutoAutoAutoAuto
Stabilizing legsManuallyAutoManually4*Auto+1*Manually
Mast rotation359°359°359°359°
Protection classIP23IP23IP23IP23
Noise level @7m62.65dB(A)62.65dB(A)62.65dB(A)53dB(A)
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