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Principle of Waste Heat Recovery and Utilization of Air Compressor

Time: 2021-12-27 18:00:18

With the rapid development of machinery industry, the energy crisis and environmental pollution have become a serious problem to be solved in the world.Our country pays more and more attention to environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction is taken as an important work of the government.

As an indispensable equipment for production enterprises, the large power consumption of industrial and mining enterprises is often the air compressor, and often accounts for 50% of the power consumption of the whole plant.It is estimated that the annual power consumption of air compressor is about 9.6% of the national industrial power consumption.The energy consumption of air compressors in key application fields is even more astonishing. In coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, chemical fertilizer, electric power, metallurgy and other industries, the power consumption of air compressors accounts for more than 6%, and the power consumption of nitrogen and hydrogen air compressors accounts for 70% of the power consumption of ammonia plants.The electricity consumption of ethylene "three machines" (cracking gas air compressor, ethylene air compressor and propylene air compressor) accounts for more than 30% of the power consumption of ethylene devices, and the power consumption of pumps, fans and air compressors in a set of 100,000 air separation devices is nearly 80,000 kw.

As we know, the air compressor needs to generate a lot of heat during operation, and the air cooling unit needs to discharge the heat into the atmosphere;The water cooler pumps heat into the atmosphere through the cooling tower.According to the STATISTICS of the United States Energy Agency: when the air compressor is running, the electric energy really used to increase the air potential energy consumption only accounts for a small part of 15% in the total power consumption. About 85% of the electric energy is converted into heat and discharged into the air by air cooling or water cooling.

If the heat of the air compressor is not discharged, it will affect the normal operation of the air compressor and affect the quality of compressed air.Of course, if this heat is directly emitted, it not only wastes a lot of heat energy but also exacerbates the "greenhouse effect" of the atmosphere, resulting in heat pollution.In fact, for these wasted heat, the use of air compressor heat recovery technology, these seemingly redundant heat, a large part of which can be recycled!

How to make good use of these waste heat is an important work for enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions. It can create good benefits for enterprises at the same time, but also make a contribution to protect the environment.

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