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How to Choose the Screw Compressor for Color Sorter

Time: 2020-06-17 09:44:37

As we all know, color sorter needs to be equipped with air compressor to supply compressed air for working. When the selected materials enter the color sorter for operation color selection, the air compressor provides clean compressed air supply to the color sorter, and the output signal of the color sorter system drives the solenoid valve to operate, then the color particles guessed in the blown materials are blown to the waste material cavity of the hopper, and the good selected materials are continuously falling to the product cavity of the hopper, so as to reach the selected materials purpose.


Selection of matching air compressor for color sorter:

Output of color separator (t/h)3~10T5~15T
Take out ratio (Bad: Good)15:0115:01
Separation rate (%)99.99%99.99%
Supply voltage (v/Hz)220/380-50220/380-50
Color sorter power (Kw)1.5-3.52-4.5
Pressure (Mpa)0.6-0.80.6-0.8
Air consumption (L3/min)Less than 3000Less than 4500
Compressor power (Kw)18Kw~22Kw30Kw~37Kw
Compressor model KED-30


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