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TECH Screw Air Compressors Maintenance

Time: 2020-07-23 10:08:21

Maintenance in Daily Running: Before starting compressor, it needs to check the oil level. If oil level too low, it will need to add lubrication oil. If the compressor need lubrication oil frequently, it need to check the compressor according to the failure form and to find the reason and repair it on time.After starting compressor, it needs to check each display value normal or not. After compressor temperature rising, it is better to check the compressor and controller and fill the working record form. 


Maintenance after running 50hours: After running 50hours, it needs to do small maintenance and clear the impurities in the system.1.Clean the oil return pipe filter2.Clean the oil return pipe orifice
Maintenance after running 100hours:1.Clean the oil return pipe filter2.Replace the oil filter element and gasket3.Clean the air filter. 

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