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Have you been sick and tired of having to make use of paper that is countless to dry both hands after washing them in public areas? Have you ever considered utilizing a fresh air dryer? An kotech air dryer is a device that uses hot or air this is certainly cold arms that are dry washing them.

  • Advantages


    The air dryer may be an alternative that is excellent paper that is using. It dries hands quickly and effortlessly, which reduces the time that is proper in public washrooms. kotech air dryers will be eco-friendly since also they do not utilize any paper products. They make it possible to lower the amount that is total of produced, which benefits the environment.

  • Innovation


    Air dryers are always evolving with brand features that are new ensure these are generally more user-friendly and functional. Newer models tend to be more energy-efficient, which reduces electricity usage. Some kotech air compressor models additionally have touch-free technology, which eliminates the need to touch the equipment after washing arms. It is really important to safeguard against the spread of germs and bacteria.

  • Safety


    Air dryers have security features in order to avoid accidents. Most kotech screw air compressor models are lightweight and compact, which reduces the probability of them falling over. Some models also provide automatic shut-off features that turn off the machine if it overheats or if there is a problem that is electrical.

Why choose kotech Air dryer?

  • Reliable Air Compressors

    KOTECH air compressors made using air dryer and provide excellent reliability. They can satisfy needs consumers with regards to reliability. The quality of air compressor will provide long service life can be great way protect the interests customers.

  • Efficient Air Compressors

    KOTECH air compressors advanced technology and air dryer meets our customers' requirements high efficiency. The efficiency air compressors can reach 90 percent! This can effectively save energy and cut operating costs.

  • Ideal Air Compressors

    Are you looking a brand new air compressor? Kotech has air dryer and price. KOTECH is leading British brand air compressors. Check out selection today and get best price the compressor suits your needs.

  • Air Compressor solutions

    KOTECH offers Air compressed solutions mining equipment, construction and air dryer. Every equipment passed process complete inspection at factory by professionals in engineering. Kotech insists using the most reliable manufacturing techniques, thorough loading tests prior shipping, and superior service after sales.

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Air dryers are used generally speaking public washrooms, offices, schools, and restaurants. Also employed in private restrooms. kotech air dryers are simple to make use of, and so they come with instructions. After washing both hands, you just place them beneath the air dryer and allow the hot or air that is cold your hands.

Simple tips to Use

To work with an kotech best air compressors, begin by washing water and soap to your hands. A person will be achieved washing, get rid of water that is excess the hands. Then, place both hands beneath the fresh atmosphere dryer nozzle and turn on the device. The hot or atmosphere this is certainly cold dry the hands in only a few moments.


Air dryers require regular upkeep to keep them running smoothly. Regular cleansing is essential to prevent the build-up of bacteria and germs. kotech industrial air compressor models have atmosphere filters that have to be replaced periodically. In the event your machine prevents working correctly, it's important you can purchase it serviced by a specialist.

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