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Air Compressor for Food Production – 100% Oil-Free!

Time: 2022-09-29 10:20:31

Air Compressor for Food Production – 100% Oil-Free!

We are very proud to introduce our new air compressor for the food production industry. It is 100% oil-free and meets all the requirements for this challenging environment. View now, the KDOF series of 100% Oil Free Dry Screw Air Compressor.

100% oil-free Air compressor for food production

Since air compressors used in the food industry must be low-noise and have a clean natural environment, oil-free screw compressors should be the type of air compressor widely used in the food industry.

However, there are various applications for compressed air in the food industry. If the compressor does not come into direct contact with food, but is only used as a drive for production equipment, a micro oil screw compressor is perfectly suited to the task. Pneumatic machines use the compressed air that is discharged at a certain working pressure to facilitate the operation of the machinery and equipment afterwards, and the quality of the compressed air is not highly regulated. For this application, the exhaust pressure of the compressed air is around 0.6 mpa and the volume of air supplied is generally defined according to the scale of the business.

What about compressed air that comes into indirect contact with foodstuffs? Although it does not come into immediate contact with food or beverages, it does come into contact with foodstuffs or beverages through other media, such as the cleaning of Coke and mineral water bottles and the canning of beverages. Kotech therefore recommends that companies use higher quality oil-free screw air compressors for this type of work.

It goes without saying that compressed air that comes into direct contact with food should have to be oil-free and clean to aid food fermentation, production, packaging etc. Heavily contaminated compressed air, if used in food production, can lead to varying degrees of product contamination and loss to the business if action is not taken to reduce or remove this contamination. The most serious thing that can happen is when contaminated products enter the market and affect the health of consumers, which can not only ruin a company’s reputation, but can also result in product recalls and, in some cases, legal claims.

The oil-free dry screw compressor developed by Kotech was created in response to market demand and is more cost effective and has a lower life cycle cost compared to water lubricated screw compressors and scroll machines.

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