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Food industry What air compressor is used?

Time: 2022-06-10 13:57:32

Food hygiene and safety are of paramount importance to the food industry relative to other processing and manufacturing industries.

Everyone may think that when food manufacturing companies choose air compressors, they will definitely choose oil-free air compressors to ensure food quality. But the reality is often cruel, many food companies consider the cost of procurement, or will use oil injected screw air compressor. Unconsciously, we all ate the lubricating oil of the air compressor.


Food industry What air compressor is used


Since the air compressor used in the food industry must be low noise and the natural environment must be clean, the oil-free screw air compressor should be a widely used type of air compressor in the food industry.

However, there are many applications of compressed air in the food industry, if it is not in direct contact with food, it is only used as a driver for production equipment, and the oil injected screw air compressor is fully competent. Pneumatic equipment uses the compressed gas discharged by it containing a certain working pressure to promote the operation of machinery and equipment after the fact, and the provisions for the quality of compressed gas are not high. In this application, the discharge pressure for compressed gas is about 0.6mpa, and the gas supply is generally clear according to the scale of operation of the enterprise.


Food industry What air compressor is used?

Although there is no immediate contact with food or beverages, there is also contact with food or beverages through other media, such as cola bottles, the cleaning of mineral water bottles, and the canning of drinks. Therefore, kotch air compressor supplier recommends that enterprises use high-quality oil-free screw air compressors to complete this kind of work.

food air compressor

Conclusion(Food industry What air compressor is used?)

Needless to say, compressed air in direct contact with food should use oil-free and clean compressed air to help food fermentation, production, packaging, etc. If heavily polluted compressed air is used in food production, if no action is taken to reduce or remove this pollution, the product will be polluted to varying degrees and cause losses to the enterprise. The most serious thing is that after the contaminated product enters the market, it affects the health of consumers, which not only destroys the reputation of the company, but also causes product recalls, and even more legal claims.

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