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I Found Some Great Items for Screw Air Compressor System Installation(2)

Time: 2022-09-23 10:45:27

Continue to our last news about the screw air compressor installation, Kotech compressor will analyse other aspects to be pay attention to during the installation. Attentions please follow our blog for more knowledge about the screw air compressor or Using a Food Air Compressor .

In the last article, we talked about the installation of air compressors and compressed air piping, but today we will continue to talk about.

  • Foundation of air compressor

The foundation of the air compressor shall be built on hard soil, and the foundation level shall be leveled before installation to avoid vibration. If it is installed on the floor, anti vibration measures must be taken, otherwise the vibration will be transmitted to the floor or resonance phenomenon will occur, which will easily cause harm to the air compressor and buildings. Generally, if the vibration speed of screw air compressor is less than 11.2 mm/s (belt drive) and 7.1 mm/s (coupling drive), no special foundation is required. It is recommended to build a platform foundation with a height of about 120mm and a length and width slightly greater than the bottom area of the air compressor to facilitate sewage discharge.

  • Cooling system

The water quality standard for cooling water of water-cooled air compressor shall comply with the provisions of the national design code for industrial circulating cooling water treatment. When softened water is available in the enterprise and the system is economical and reasonable, the circulating water in the system can be softened water. It is mainly to avoid the chemical reaction of calcium and magnesium plasma in the water in the cooler due to high temperature, and finally form scale in the cooler, thus affecting the cooling efficiency of the cooler.air compressor Cooling system

The water pressure of cooling water is generally 0.15~0.4 MPa, and the outlet temperature of cooling water shall be 6 ℃~10 ℃ higher than the inlet temperature. The cooling water inlet pipe shall be installed with filter screen, and the inlet and outlet pipes shall be installed with pressure gauge, thermometer and stop valve respectively.

Pay attention to the ventilation environment of air-cooled air compressor, and do not place the air compressor near high-temperature machinery or in a poorly ventilated enclosed space to avoid shutdown due to high discharge temperature. If it is placed in an enclosed space for use, air inlet and discharge equipment must be installed. The air inlet is located at the lower part of the machine room and the air outlet is located at the upper part of the machine room to facilitate cold air circulation. Generally speaking, the air intake and discharge air volume must be greater than the air compressor heat dissipation and discharge air volume.

  • Power system

The correctness of power supply voltage must be ensured when distributing power to the air compressor.

According to the power of the air compressor used, select the correct diameter of the power line, and do not use small power lines, otherwise the power line will be burned of high temperature due to excessive load. The power line must be a multi strand copper core cable, and one phase of the three-phase four wire system is the grounding wire. It is better to use a set of power system separately for the air compressor, especially to avoid parallel use with other large power consumption systems, otherwise the main motor of the air compressor may be overloaded and shut down due to excessive voltage drop or three-phase current imbalance, especially for high motor power air compressors.

kotech compressor

In conclusion, when install the screw air compressor, to choose the suitable installation room and arranging the reasonable piping, foundation, cooling system and power system are the basic requirement. As the professional compressor leading manufacturer from UK, Kotech constantly to provides you the high quality compressors and best service support. Welcome to follow our blog: https://blog.kotechgroup.com/ for more compressor knowledge.