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In conjunction with the compressor market, what should we do if there is water in the compressed air?

Time: 2022-07-05 13:51:00

In conjunction with the compressor market, what should we do if there is water in the compressed air?

Market Overview

The air compressor market is expected to register a CAGR of over 3.2% over the period 2022-2027. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the market has been negatively impacted by the lack of demand from industry and end users. For example, Atlas Copco, one of the largest players in the market, saw its compressor segment fall to SEK 47.328 million in 2020 from SEK 48.286 million in 2019.

Still, the company reported that it saw revenue decline after the second quarter of 2020. Factors such as the growing in oil and gas market, especially gas production in countries like United States, China and India, and rising energy consumption around the world are expected to drive the air compressor market over the forecast period. In the air compressor market, the high power consumption and heat generation releases is leading to environmental concerns.

Positive displacement air compressors are anticipated to develop at a extensive fee because of the growth in marketplace proportion utility of home equipment like air conditioners, refrigerators, large commercial applications, together with in metallurgy and mining, papermaking and printing, digital and electric, electric powered power, mechanical and electric machinery.

The technical development withinside the air compressor enterprise is main to the improvement of merchandise that calls for much less operational and renovation investment. Such as, oil-unfastened structures are anticipated to get the possibility withinside the industries which might lessen charges associated with renovation all through sure intervals.

Asia-Pacific is predicted to witness a giant increase withinside the air compressor marketplace because of the continued increase withinside the oil and fueloline enterprise of India, China, and Japan. A large business base for semiconductor and electronics production in China and Taiwan is projected to further pressure the marketplace.

Scope of the report

The air compressor market report includes:
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Have you noticed or heard anyone complaining about whether the water in the compressed air system ? This is actually quite common, but we must not ignore it, as it can damage your compressed air system and jeopardize the quality of the final product.
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Why is there water in my compressor system?

Water condensation is naturally occurring and is a by-product of compressed air. The amount of water produced by a screw air compressor depends largely on the inlet conditions, the ambient air quality in a given environment, and the pressure. In short, the air temperature, humidity, industrial compressor size and required pressure will determine the amount of water coming out of the unit and possibly into the compressed air ducts. Of course, hot and humid air has a higher moisture content than cold air, which will cause more water to flow out of the compressor.
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Today, I would like to share with you the following methods to remove water and moisture from compressed air.
Increase the pressure to a level higher than the required compressed air pressure. At higher pressures, water droplets are removed. In the next step, reduce the pressure to the desired compressed air pressure. From this stage onwards, only water vapor is present in the compressed air due to the relative humidity falling below 100%.
Because the compressed air is cooled to a lower temperature. At this lower temperature, the relative humidity exceeds 100% and water droplets form. Those droplets are collected and removed. In the next step, the temperature of the compressed air rises again. From this stage onwards, once the relative humidity drops below 100%, only water vapor is present in the compressed air.

For example, a 55 kW screw air compressor operating at an ambient temperature of 24 °C and a relative humidity of 75% will produce 280 liters of water per day. We can choose from accessories for separating water: aftercoolers, condensate separators, refrigeration dryers and adsorption dryers. A 7 bar(e) high-pressure compressor is used to compress the air to 1/8 of its volume; this also reduces the moisture content of the air by 7/8. The amount of water that is thus compressed and precipitated cannot be ignored.

Therefore, depending on the application environment of the compressed air, it also determines what kind of cooler and dryer combination we choose.