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Is the air conditioning compressor the same as the compressor of the air compressor?

Time: 2022-09-26 10:43:34

Is the compressor of air conditioning compressor and air compressor often consulted recently?

The answer is yes, not at all. First of all, we should know that the air conditioning compressor plays the role of compression driving refrigerant in the air conditioning refrigerant circuit.

The air conditioning compressor is usually installed in the outdoor unit. The air conditioning compressor extracts the refrigerant from the low pressure area and sends it to the high pressure area after compression for cooling and condensation. The heat is released into the air through the heat sink. The refrigerant also changes from the gaseous phase to the liquid phase and the pressure increases.
The working circuit of air conditioning compressor is divided into evaporation area (low pressure area) and condensation area (high pressure area). The indoor unit and outdoor unit of air conditioning belong to low pressure or high pressure area respectively (to see the working state and decide). The refrigerant flows from the high pressure area to the low pressure area, through the capillary injection to the evaporator, the pressure plummets, the liquid refrigerant immediately becomes a gas, and absorbs a lot of heat in the air through the heat sink. In this way, the air conditioning compressor continues to work, and it constantly absorbs the heat at one end of the low pressure area into the refrigerant and then sends it to the high pressure area and sends it to the air, which plays the role of regulating the temperature. And the working principle of the air conditioning compressor is compressor – condenser – throttling device – evaporator

Compressor refrigeration system

The principle of heating and cooling is the same, namely the inverse Carnot cycle, and the principle of refrigeration is different from the condenser and evaporator exchange, namely: compressor – evaporator – throttling device – condenser.
Compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, whether it is air conditioning, cold storage, chemical refrigeration process and so on, there should be compressor this important link to do the protection!
There are many kinds and forms of refrigeration compressors. According to the principle, they can be divided into two types: volume type and speed type, of which volume type is the most common.
The refrigeration system is mainly divided into several equipment:
Compressor – condenser – throttling device – evaporator
The basic principle is that a compressor compresses the refrigerant into a high-pressure saturated gas (ammonia or freon), which is then condensed by a condenser.
After throttling through the throttling device, it is passed into the evaporator to cool the required cooling medium for heat transfer. For example, the evaporator is connected to each room in the building. The snake tube in the evaporator will exchange heat with the air, and then blow the cool air into the room by blowing.
The refrigerant in the evaporator’s snake tube becomes low-pressure steam after heat exchange and returns to the compressor, and then is compressed by the compressor. In this way, the recycling is completed.
The heating system works in much the same way, but in reverse.

Method of adding lubricating oil to open compressor.

Generally, there are three kinds of suction, suction from the through hole next to the suction globe valve, add from the refueling hole, add from the lower part of the crankcase, the specific operation steps are as follows:

1. Close the suction stop valve, start the compressor for a few minutes, and discharge the refrigerant in the crankcase into the condenser, so that the crankcase becomes a vacuum. Shut DOWN the exhaust GLOBE valve immediately, slowly unscrew the bypass hole plug of the exhaust globe valve, and release the remaining air in the high pressure chamber. Unscrew the suction globe bypass plug and install the taper joint and copper pipe.
2. Get lubricating oil ready.
3. Press the suction pipe port with your finger to start the compressor and draw out the air in the crankcase. If the phenomenon of liquid strike is found, let the compressor continue to run for 2~3 minutes, so that the crankcase is in a vacuum state, when the finger that press the mouth of the tube feels a strong suction, it will stop.
4. Immerse the mouth of the pipe with your finger in oil, and let go after immersion, and the oil will be sucked into the crankshaft pipe from the tubing.
5. Observe the oil level indicator until the indicated oil level reaches the oil level line.
6. Remove the copper pipe and joint, screw the screw plug and pull it tight, start the compressor to draw out the air sucked into the crankcase, and pull the screw plug of the exhaust valve when the exhaust sound is not heard.
7. Open the suction and exhaust globe valves, and the refueling work is completed.
And the working principle of air compressor compressor noise control of air compressor mainly adopts muffler, muffler tunnel and sound insulation technology.

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Install muffler

The main noise sources are inlet and exhaust ports, and appropriate inlet and exhaust mufflers should be selected. The frequency spectrum of air compressor inlet noise is of low frequency characteristic. The inlet muffler should choose resistance structure or impedance compound structure based on resistance and resistance. Since the exhaust pressure of the air compressor is high and the air flow speed is high, the small hole muffler should be used in the exhaust port of the air compressor.
Set up silencer tunnel
An underground or semi-underground tunnel in which the walls are made of sound – absorbing bricks. Connect the air inlet pipe of the air compressor with the muffler tunnel, so that the air enters the air compressor through the muffler tunnel. The use of muffler tunnel can greatly reduce the intake noise of air compressor, and the service life is longer than the general muffler。
Set up sound insulation
After installing the muffler or setting the muffler tunnel at the inlet and exhaust port of the air compressor, the air flow noise can be reduced to below 80dB (a), but the mechanical noise and motor noise of the air compressor are still very high, so the sound insulation cover should be installed on the unit of the air compressor. 4, hanging space sound absorber: in Foshan Lingge air compressor station, tall and empty factory reverberation is very heavy. If sound absorbers are dispersed and suspended on the roof of the workshop, the noise of the workshop can be reduced by 3-10dB (a), and the reverberation time can be reduced by 5-10s.
It means that there are essential differences in both the working principle and the use.

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