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Six Factors to Consider When Buying A Screw Air Compressor

Time: 2022-08-16 13:19:51

Six Factors to Consider When Buying A Screw Air Compressor

When you are buying an air compressor, there are so many options to choose from. Check whether the performance meets your compressed air needs is the basic requirement.

Here are 6 basic factors to help you find a suitable compressor that’s right for you.

  • Confirm the total air delivery required by air consumption system, calculate the total air consumption required by each equipment which use the compressed air, plus a 20% to 25% margin to cover the loss of the air pipeline system and possible future compressed air demand increases. Free air delivery of air compressor is one of the most important selection indicators.

Screw air compressor internal structure

  • Check your power grid condition, which voltage and whether it is 3phase. At the same time, if your air consumption needs are variable and have continuous load times higher than 5 minutes, you need to consider a variable frequency air compressor. Most of the time, the air consumption of your system is discontinuous, and using a variable frequency screw compressor can improve your electricity efficiency.
  • Confirm the acceptable noise of the compressor system. If you have a screw air compressor room and air distribution management system, you can consider reducing the noise level of the compressor unit appropriately. If you will install the air compressor closer to your work area, to find a lower noise screw compressor would be better.
  • Confirm the after treatment system equipment of the air compressor. If your equipment has a relatively high air quality requirement, and you consider the impact on the environment more, to consider an air dryer and different line filters to get dry and clean air would be better.
  • Confirm the convenience of screw air compressor system maintenance, accessories and after-sales service, confirm whether the screw air compressor is easy to maintain, and whether there is a reliable guarantee for the maintenance cycle and genuine parts.
  • Find the screw air compressor manufacturer with professional team, big factory and regular production process with quality system certification. Choose products and parts with quality assurance and original manufacturing, because now too many OEM suppliers and trading companies in the market, which can’t provide the professional after service support and ensure the warranty.


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