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The Rotary Screw Air Compressor Buying Guide

Time: 2023-09-19 11:21:56

How to buy rotary screw air compressor?The Rotary Screw Air Compressor Buying Guide

This rotary screw air compressor buying guide, it’s all about the workhorse of several industries: the rotating screw compressor Rotary screw compressor can provide pressed air 24 hrs a day, 365 days a week if needed. In this acquiring overview, I will reach you with whatever you require to recognize when acquiring a rotating screw air compressor. If you are still uncertain whether a rotating screw compressor is the best choice for you, make sure to begin at the air compressor buying overview primary web page. Are you seeking a Rotary Screw Air Compressor? Visit my Air Compressor Buying Guide or Rotary screw air compressor troubleshooting basics(from air-compressor-guide.com)

Purchase a rotaty screw air compressor.

Do you intend to make sure you purchase the best air compressor, the air compressor that is right for you and also your circumstance? Do not stress, I am here to assist you.

In this acquiring guide I will educate you:

  • That requires a rotary screw compressor, and also who better steer clear of screw air compressors.
  • What the right dimension air compressor is for you?
  • Exactly how to save money on your air compressor acquisition.
  • What alternatives do you require and do not require.
  • One of the most common errors when getting a rotary screw compressor.

Who requires a rotary screw air compressors anyhow?

Rotating screw air compressors are best for:

Large and also little production facilities (factories).
Bigger garages and also workshops.
People that require whole lot’s of compressed air.
But … I have actually seen a lot of companies that acquired a rotary screw compressor, where a reciprocating compressor would have been better (they listened to the salesman who sold them the most significant device they might).

It is extremely essential to buy a Rotary Screw Air Compressor that can provide you with enough quantities of compressed air, at the ideal stress. Unforatunately, most individuals don’t recognize precisely what they need, and wind up acquiring an also large or an also little air compressor. Let me help you.

The Rotary Screw Air Compressor Buying Guide

If you purchase a rotating screw compressor, it is usually for one of the complying reasons:

This is your initial air compressor.
It’s a replacement for an old rotary screw compressor.
You currently have a reciprocating compressor, yet need more capability (cfm).
You currently have a rotary screw compressor, yet need even more capacity.
For each of the above instances, here is how to easily determine the right stress as well as ability for you:

1. This is your initial Rotary Screw Air Compressor.

Examine the handbooks or spec sheets of your pneumatically-driven devices. It should inform you of the pressure at which the devices operates and the amount of air it needs. The part that requires the highest stress determines the necessary pressure. Include 1.5 bar to minumum needed pressure to represent stress drop and load-unload differential of your air compressor. Currently, accumulate the air consumption of all your tools. This is the ability of your air compressor.

It’s a good concept to buy a larger air compressor, however not as well large. Rotary screw compressors do not such as standing still. Some tools state the ‘ordinary consumption’, while other equipment state the ‘optimum (or top) intake’).

2. It’s a substitute for an old rotary screw compressor.

Check the present pressure and also capability of your old compressor. If your old compressor sufficed, acquire a brand-new compressor of the exact same stress and also capability. Take a moment to decide whether is a good suggestion to get a (slightly) larger compressor, to account for future expansion of your organization.

3. You now have a reciprocating compressor, but require more capability (cfm).

Check the stress at which your current compressor is established. Don’t check out the optimal pressure of your present reciprocating compressor, as this is commonly a lot more than the pressure required to run your machinery. If you want to replace the compressor, inspect the capability of your current compressor. Now you know you need a larger compressor than this. How much larger? It relies on the tools/equipment you included that made your old compressor as well little.

Additionally maintain into account future expansion of your business when determining the right capability. If you wish to add the screw compressor as an additional compressor, keep in mind that rotating screw compressors don’t such as standing still for a long period of time. It makes them old and also rusty. Always make the rotating screw compressor your key compressor and also the reciprocating compressor your secondary/backup compressor. Rotating screw compressors are extra power reliable anyway.

4. You currently have a Rotary Screw Air Compressorr, but need even more capability.

Most of the time, I see individuals purchase the same type or ability of compressor as the present one. Which is a good idea. It permits you to quickly use both compressors alongside each other, and also make use of one as the back-up for the various other. Another concept is to get a larger compressor and also make use of the old one only as an emergency situation back-up.

You could consider obtaining a variable rate drive (VSD) compressor to deal with the compressed air requirement when your initial compressor can’t keep up. ## Don’t be fooled: purchase just the options as well as additionals you really require!

Rotating screw compressors come in a large variety of tastes, with lots of optional extras and alternatives. What do you truly require? Do you need an integrated air clothes dryer? Do you require extra filters? Do you require digital condensate catches?

Integrated air clothes dryers as well as filters.

The majority of rotating screw air compressor manufacturers supply an all-in-one remedy. This suggests you obtain an air compressor with incorporated compressed air dryer and occasionally also compressed air filters. For instance, at Ingersoll Rand they call it the “Total Air System” (” TAS” added to the version name), at Alas Copco they call it “Full Feature” (” FF” added to the model name).

For a lot of systems, a compressed air clothes dryer is very advised. The exact same opts for pressed air filters. Pressed air is wet as well as unclean by nature. Oily as well, with oil lubricated compressors. Tidy compressed air saves your equipment from early failure. Keep in mind that all pressed air dryers as well as filters create and additional stress drop in the system. This means additional energy prices (to conquer the stress decrease). This added energy cost can face the hundreds or hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of the compressor.

Something to remember.

Digital condensate catches (instead of totally mechanical ones).

Do you need it? Not actually. Is it far better? Yes. A filthy, blocked, and also non-functioning (mechanical) condensate catch (the one with the advance), is perhaps the number 1 maintenance problem with air compressors.

A non-functioning condensate trap will result in great deals of water in your compressed air system. If you by hand drain or inspect the drain on your air receiver every day/ week, you will promptly find when your air compressors condensate drain stops functioning. Yet, if you’re like the majority of people and also don’t wish to check on your compressor daily, an electronic condensate drainpipe is a great suggestion.

A digital condensate drain can always be installed after that if you don’t wish to hand over the cash right now.

Variable speed drive (VSD).

A variable speed drive compressor matches the outcome capability to the real demand. In easy terms, it easy allow’s the compressor to run faster or slower, depending on the current stress. A VSD compressor is commonly promoted as the only means to save energy. This is true, however not constantly.

While it is true that a VSD compressor can save you significant quantities of power, it is not always the situation. A VSD compressor is NOT a great option when:.

It runs at 90-100% speed all the time. A VSD that runs at complete speed eats much more power than a typical fixed-speed compressor.
The compressors only perform at 10-20% at all times. The compressor is way also huge, however, I have actually seen this so many times! It would certainly be much more energy efficient to get a smaller fiexed rate compressor. Additionally, compressors that run just at reduced speeds will experience a whole lot (a great deal!) of maintenance problems.
A VSD compressor IS an excellent option when it goes for 50 – 80% tons. This is where the money-saving is. PLus it permits the compressor to warm up, which will certainly avoid a great deal’s of maintenance issues.

Belt drive or direct drive.

Directly I would certainly pick direct drive. Belt drive systems are normally extra small, but are extra loud and also in my experience need even more upkeep (on the wheels as well as belts), specifically in messy atmospheres.


On most stationary screw compressors, an aftercooler in requirement. I would constantly pick to have an aftercooler anyway. Without the aftercooler, the compressed air leaving your compressor would certainly be around 80 – 100 levels, which is as well warm to fed into a lot of air clothes dryers, air piping, or air tools.

That, the aftercooler gets rid of huge amounts of water from the pressed air. If you do not have an aftercooler, all this water remains in the pressed air (as gas) as well as condensates when it cools (in piping system, devices, equipment.) ## Energy: the solitary most significant expenditure.

Most individuals acquiring an air compressor don’t realize that the purchase of the compressor is simply the beginning. Over the life time of the compressor, the acquisition expense is just 10%. Another 15% is upkeep as well as spare-parts and also w whooping 75% is power expense.

If you have a choice between 2 or else equivalent Rotary Screw Air Compressors. Constantly choose one of the most energy effective one. In can conserve you countless bucks each year. Many of the time this goes unnoticed. Even if the much more energy reliable compressor is a lot more costly, I would still prefer it over a much less energy-efficient one.

In 10 years time, the repayment will be big, you can purchase a new compressor just from the cost savings!

Must know: the most prominent Rotary Screw Air Compressor collection.
All over you look online, you will certainly see the exact same makes and also models of rotating screw air compressors turn up. The major rivals are Quincy, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Chicago Pneumatic.

Although there are many big brands that rely on their influence to have a certain fame, it also means that the big brands sell expensive air compressors, and if you are a small manufacturer buying a small amount of machines, the after-sales problems cannot be solved perfectly. On the contrary, sometimes you see some new brands of screw manufacturers, such as Kotech Compressor, Elang, etc. They do not lose the quality of their products to the big brands, just because they are still in the development stage so pay more attention to quality, it is very important to get the trust of customers.