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Аба компрессору жөнүндө негизги билим

Time: 2021-06-12 10:22:13

What is a compressor? The machinery used to compress gas to increase the gas pressure is called a compressor. An air compressor is an air compressor, a machine used to compress air to increase air pressure. The compressor is also called "compressor" or "air pump". Generally, when the lifting pressure is less than 0.2MPa, it is called a blower, and when it is less than 0.02MPa, it is called a ventilator. The piston machine at 0.5MPa is called the mining machine. The national standards for screw compressors are 0.7MPa, 0.8MPa, and 1.25MPa. When it is greater than 1.25MPa, it needs to be realized by a piston machine, which is called an industrial machine. In the mining industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, civil engineering, petrochemical industry, electronics industry, refrigeration and gas separation engineering and national defense industry, compressors are one of the essential key equipment. As the gas compressor is widely used, it has become a general-purpose machine.

The uses of compressors can be roughly divided into three types:

·Compressed air as power

Compressed air is used to drive various pneumatic machinery and tools, used to control instruments and automation devices, as well as the launch of certain weapons for national defense and scientific research, the ups and downs of submarines and the salvage of sunken ships, all require different gas pressures. Compressed air has the characteristics of easy storage, easy control, good fluidity, safety and environmental protection. Therefore, compressed air is also considered to be the second power source after electricity.

·Compressed gas is used for refrigeration and separation

The gas is compressed, cooled, expanded and liquefied. Used for artificial refrigeration (refrigeration, refrigeration and air conditioning, such as ammonia and freon compressors, the pressure is usually 8-14bar, this type of compressor is called refrigeration compressor. In addition, if the liquefied gas is a mixed gas, it can be In the separation device, the components are separated according to their different vaporization temperatures to obtain various purity gases. For example, after air liquefaction and separation, pure oxygen, pure nitrogen and pure xenon, neon, argon, helium and other rare gases can be obtained. Gas. With the rapid development of China's petrochemical industry, the raw material gas—petroleum cracked gas is separated by first compressing, and then using different cooling temperatures to separate the components.

·Gas delivery

The compressor used for pipeline transportation of gas depends on the length of the pipeline to determine the pressure, and the pressure for transportation of gas is 3-30bar. The compressor used for gas bottling depends on the nature of the gas. Generally, the pressure of the oxygen cylinder is 150bar, the acetylene gas is unstable, and the bottle pressure is 25bar, and it is adsorbed by acetone. Some gases that are easy to liquefy with higher critical temperature can be compressed first, then cooled to liquefy and bottled. For example, the bottling pressure of chlorine gas is 10-15bar, and the bottling pressure of carbon dioxide is 50-60bar. The widely used petroleum liquefied petroleum gas bottling pressure is 5-15bar.

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