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Бурама аба компрессоруна техникалык тейлөө

Time: 2020-10-29 10:16:25

1. Күнүмдүк тейлөө
Check the oil level, check the air filter and coolant level, check the hose and all the pipe joints are leaked, check the consumable parts have been to the replacement cycle must be shut down to be replaced, check the host exhaust temperature, reach or close to 98 ℃, It is necessary to clean the oil cooler to check the separator pressure difference, when it reach to 0.6 bar or more (limit 1Bar) or the pressure difference begin to decline the compressor must be shut down to replace the separator elements.

2. Monthly Maintenance
Check the cooler, if necessary, to clean it, check all wire connections and tighten, check the AC contactor contacts, clean the motor suction port surface and the surface of the dust, clean the oil return filter, check the air compressor settings consistent with running.

3. Quarterly Maintenance
Clean the main motor and fan motor, replace the oil filter, clean the cooler, check the minimum pressure valve, safety valve, check the sensor.

4. Annual Maintenance
Replace the lubricating oil, oil separator element, air filter, oil filter and the safety valve calibration, check the elastic coupling and the cooling fan, clean the automatic sewage valve, add or replace the motor lubricating grease.

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