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Time: 2023-05-23 17:55:45

One:The generation and application of compressed air can not be realized by a single air compressor, but by the compressed air system.

A typical compressed air system consists of the following components: Air compressor, (may be) cooler, air tank, dryer (frozen type or adsorption type), filters (including the oil-water separator, in advance, in addition to the oil filter, filter deodorization, sterilization filter, etc.), regulated air tank, automatic drainage drainage device, and gas transmission pipeline, pipe valves, control instrument, pneumatic tools, pneumatic machinery, the use of the process flow of compressed air, etc.
According to the different needs of users, different compressed air system equipment is selected to form a complete compressed air system. Compressed air system evaluation should consider compressed air production, purification, storage and transportation, use of each link. Customers buy and use compressed air, not air compressors, not dryers or filters, but compressed air systems.

compressed air system energy-saving

Two:the purpose of compressed air system

Customers buy and use compressed air systems for a clear purpose: to "make money". Compressed air systems can be money-makers or money-losers. Therefore, when customers buy and use compressed air, the original intention is not to save money first. "Energy saving" is meaningless to the supply and demand parties without a consensus on compressed air "making money".
Customers are not likely to make money until the first eight steps of compressed air system selection are completed. Therefore, in order to not lose money for customers, the first eight steps of compressed air system selection must be taken. At this time, in order to earn more money, compressed air system selection can enter the ninth step: energy saving.

Three:compressed air energy saving significance

The Times promote the upgrading of products, and good products lead the development of The Times. Compressed air promotes the development of modern industry, has become an indispensable fourth energy system.
Therefore, the quality and energy saving of compressed air, more and more attention by customers, is also the key to help customers select. A single choice of high-precision purification equipment or energy-saving air compressor can not fully meet customer needs. Customized compressed air system quality and energy saving is the premise of successful cooperation between supply and demand.

Four:Energy saving is the market trend

Eliminate backward production capacity and develop from "more" to "more refined";Save energy and reduce consumption, improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Five:the necessity and feasibility analysis of energy saving

Compressed air is a big energy consumer, accounting for about 12 percent of the country's electricity generation, making it an unavoidable concern for factories.

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