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Time: 2022-03-25 14:28:44

1.the operator must be familiar with the structure, performance, working principle, operating procedures and matters needing attention of the air compressor.

2. Operators must undergo technical training and safety training. After passing the examination, they shall work with certificates and shall not operate without certificates.

3.Check before starting: Check the capacity of lubricating oil in the oil and gas separator. After normal operation, the oil level in the oil level meter is best above the middle of the upper limit and lower limit. Check whether the gas supply line is dredged, all bolts and joints are tightened.

4.Check whether the indication of various instruments on the low-voltage power distribution cabinet is correct, whether the electrical wiring is intact, and whether the grounding wire meets the standard. During the test run, about 0.5 liters of lubricating oil should be added from the air inlet, and the number of hand rotation or a few moves, in order to prevent the start of the compressor oil loss burn, pay special attention to not let foreign bodies fall into the body, so as not to damage the compressor. Before starting, the compressor exhaust valve should be opened, the manual blowdown valve should be closed, and the operator should be in a safe position.

This is for Nirmal China air compressor, but Kotech air compressor included the Temperature valve to advoid the rotor no oil to run to damage.

  • operating procedures:

1. Preparatory work before starting: check the oil level in the oil and gas separator, slightly open the oil drain valve under the oil and gas separator to exclude condensate water that may exist in it, tighten the valve after confirming that there is no condensate water, and open the compressor air supply valve.

2. boot: close the power switch, switch on the power supply, observe whether there is abnormal display on the operation panel, phase sequence is correct, if there is abnormal display should be immediately off, after troubleshooting can be put into use, the machine has inverse phase protection, the motor is prohibited to reverse.

3. start: press the "start" (ON) button ON the control panel, the compressor starts to run according to the set mode. At this time, observe whether the parameters on the display panel are normal (the pressure does not exceed 0.85mpa, the exhaust temperature does not exceed 105℃), whether there is abnormal sound, whether there is oil leakage, if so, stop the machine immediately for inspection. When starting up, turn on the main machine first, and then turn on the slave machine about 1 minute later.

4. stop: press the "stop" (OFF) key on the control panel, the compressor will stop after a period of time, do not stop immediately is normal phenomenon. Stop, should stop from the machine, then stop the host.

5. if the air compressor has special abnormalities, you can press the emergency stop button, if you need to restart after 2 minutes.

6. Air compressor is strictly prohibited to start with load, otherwise electrical components will be damaged due to excessive starting current.

7. When the air compressor is not in use, the power supply should be cut off and the compressor air supply valve should be closed. Discharge water from cooler, oil-water separator, exhaust pipe and air bag.

8. When stopping for maintenance, the power cabinet switch must be opened and listed and grounded. 

  • operation inspection and matters needing attention: 

1). Check whether the instructions of various electrical instruments are normal.

2). Listen to the working sound of all parts of the machine.

3). Check that the temperature of each component does not exceed the specified value.

4). Check whether the lubricating oil level is normal. Do not touch the rotating part during operation.

5). When replacing the oil and gas separator, pay attention to static electricity release, and connect the inner metal mesh with the shell of the oil drum to prevent static electricity accumulation from causing explosion. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent unclean items from falling into the oil drum, so as not to affect the operation of the compressor. 

6)the compressor due to no-load operation exceeds the set time, will automatically stop, at this time, absolutely not allowed to check or repair work, because the compressor will resume operation at any time. For a unit with a separate fan, the operation stop of the fan is automatically controlled, so do not touch the fan to avoid personal injury. The power supply must be cut off before mechanical inspection.




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