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Ulwazi malunga netanki yecompressor yomoya-Ukukhethwa kwetanki yomoya

Time: 2021-04-16 13:53:03

The main function of the air tank in the air compression system is to ensure the stability of the air supply. The compressed air deposits water in the air tank, adjusts the air pressure fluctuation of the pneumatic equipment due to the unbalanced air consumption, increases the pressure stability of the air equipment, or reserves a part of the compressed air. When the air compressor fails, the user can use it for emergency treatment of pneumatic equipment or pneumatic control systems.


1 pressure selection

According to the pressure of the air tank, it can be divided into high pressure air tank, low pressure air tank, and atmospheric air tank. The pressure of the optional air tank is only required to be greater than or equal to the exhaust pressure of the air compressor, that is, the pressure is 8 kg, and the pressure of the air tank is not less than 8 kg;

2 Volume selection

The volume of the optional air storage tank is about 0.3-0.5 of the air compressor displacement; if the environmental conditions permit, you can choose a large-volume air tank, which helps to store more compressed air and better Pre-water removal. Example: If the air compressor displacement is 1 cubic meter per minute, the pressure is 8 kilograms. According to the calculation formula for the selection of the air storage tank, the volume of the air storage tank = the range between the displacement of the air compressor * 0.3 or the displacement of the air compressor * 0.5, (not less than one-third of the displacement or one-fifth), a air tank with a volume of 0.3 cubic or 0.2 cubic is recommended; if the gas consumption still needs to be increased in the future, the volume of the air tank can also be appropriately enlarged, such as 0.5 cubic or 0.6 cubic, or 1 cubic meter etc.;

3 Ukukhetha izinto eziphathekayo

The air tanks can be divided into carbon steel air tanks, low alloy steel air tanks, and stainless steel air tanks according to the different materials selected. They are used in conjunction with air compressors, refrigeration dryers, filters and other equipment to form industrial production, composed of compressed air station as the power source for industrial production.. Most industries choose carbon steel air tanks and low-alloy steel air tanks (the yield strength and toughness of low-alloy steel air tanks are higher than that of carbon steel air tanks, and the price is relatively higher); stainless steel air tanks are mainly used in the food industry, medical and pharmaceutical, chemical industry, microelectronics and other equipment and parts industries that require high comprehensive performance (corrosion resistance and formability). The user can choose according to the actual situation.

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