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Time: 2020-05-29 09:41:30

In summer, when the air compressor is used in the continuous high temperature environment, it will speed up the consumption of the equipment, even the accelerated oxidation of the oil in the oil gas tank will lead to gelling. The most common fault of compressor is high temperature shutdown. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the exhaust temperature of the air compressor in time and eliminate the faults that cause the high temperature of the air compressor.

Follow several tips for how to avoid high temperature problem of compressor in summer:


01. Control the ambient temperature in compressor room

The operating environment temperature of air compressor shall be below 38 ℃. Improve the ventilation system of the air compressor room, increase the exhaust fan in the air compressor room to exhaust the hot air, so as to reduce the temperature. (Note: high temperature heat source or equipment cannot be placed around the air compressor) If the ambient temperature around the compressor is relatively high, it will cause the suction temperature off compressor to be too high, so that the temperature of the oil and the temperature of the exhaust air will increase correspondingly, which needs to pay attention in summer.


02. For air cooled air compressor, please clean the cooler

The cooler shall be kept clean and unobstructed at all times in the use occasions with large working conditions and dust. The cooler shall always be cleaned to ensure that the first air inhaled by the air compressor is smooth. If there is more dust on the cooler, the oil filter of the air compressor will be blocked, resulting in blocked lubricating oil path, less oil entering the air end, then it will cause the compressor high temperature shutdown.


03. For water cooled air compressor, please reduce the inlet water temperature

Check whether the temperature and water pressure of the cooling water are normal. The water inlet temperature of the air compressor is generally no more than 35 ℃, and the water pressure is between 0.3 ~ 0.5MPa. At the same time, remove the scale of the cooler to ensure the heat exchange efficiency. If the water temperature does not meet the requirements, the cooling tower can be installed in a proper position.


04. Regular maintenance of air filter, oil filter and oil separator of air compressor

The air filter, oil filter and oil separator are the main consumable parts in compressor. Air filter block will cause excessive load of air compressor, when compressor is under overload state for a long time, it will cause high temperature; oil separator block will cause internal pressure to be too high, resulting in high temperature either; oil filter block will cause flow to be smaller, resulting in high temperature too.
So it is very important to check and replace the air filter, oil filter and oil separators in time.


05. Use genuine lubricating oil for maintenance

Lack of lubricating oil in the air compressor or insufficient oil supply inside the machine will also cause the air compressor temperature to be too high. In hot weather, the position of oil level indicator which installed on the oil gas tank shall be checked. If the oil level is lower than the oil level mark (between the highest and lowest level during compressor running), stop the compressor and add lubricating oil to prevent high temperature. In addition, it is necessary to use genuine air compressor lubricating oil to ensure the operation of the whole air compressor.


In summer, to ensure the smooth operation and production of your air compressor, please regularly maintain the air compressor equipment. For more details of maintenance instructions for our Kotech Compressor, please contact us.

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