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Time: 2020-06-05 09:42:25

Precautions before start the screw compressor:

1. Check the three-phase power supply and make sure it is normal.
2. Open the door lock of the machine and observe the oil level of the air compressor. At this time, the oil level cannot be lower than the lowest level, otherwise, it is necessary to supplement the lubricating oil to the right position.
3. Turn on the power supply of the controller and observe whether there is any abnormal display on the display. The display "the equipment has been stopped" indicates normal state.
4. Open the air compressor outlet valve.
5. After the above check, press the air compressor start button, that is, (ON) button, and the air compressor can work normally.


Precautions for compressor during running:

1. After start up compressor, observe the air compressor for 3-5 minutes. Observe whether there is abnormal noise and vibration, whether there is leakage of oil, gas, etc., if any abnormal, please shut down the compressor for inspection immediately.
2. There is pressure in the pipeline and vessel during compressor running. It is strictly prohibited to loosen the pipeline or plug and open unnecessary valves.
3. Pay attention to observing the oil level during operation. When the machine is running, if the oil level is lower than the one when it is shutdown, it is a normal phenomenon. If the oil level cannot be seen and the exhaust temperature is up to 100 ℃, stop the compressor immediately. Observe the oil level after shutdown for 10 seconds. If it is insufficient, replenish the lubricating oil when there is no pressure in the system.
4. After the compressed air is cooled by the cooler, there will be a certain amount of condensed water, which should be discharged regularly, otherwise the water will be brought into the after system by the compressed air. According to the weather reasons, the water discharge time can be adjusted flexibly, which is usually more frequently in summer.
5. During the operation, the voltage, current, outlet air pressure, outlet exhaust temperature, oil level and other parameters shall be recorded at least every day for reference of future maintenance.


Precautions for compressor shutdown after running:

1. First, press the OFF key, and the intelligent controller will stop according to the pre programmed program after 10-15 seconds. The motor will stop. Please avoid direct shutdown of air compressor under heavy load;
2. If necessary, press the emergency stop switch (red key) to cut off the power supply of the main controller and contactor.
3. After the air compressor stops, it can't be started immediately. It needs to wait about 1-2 minutes. The system will automatically empty the internal pressure to prevent the motor from being damaged by heavy load start.
4. After the commissioning of air compressor, adjust the pressure and other parameters according to the actual situation, and set it to the full-automatic control mode. In general, users do not have to adjust themselves.


For more operation suggestions, please feel free to contact Kotech Compressor.

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