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Time: 2020-05-20 09:37:34

One unit of 110kw two stage energy saving compressor just finished installation in our Pakistan customer factory as following picture.


For our Kotech two stage compressor, we provides from 22kw to 355kw, pressure from 4bar to 13bar, it can be widely used for many industries such as textile industry, steel industry, sugar refinery, oil refinery, power plants, paper mill, and etc.
Why choose two stage compressor than one stage compressor? For example, one stage compressor 110kw 8bar with air delivery around 19m3/min, while two stage compressor 110kw 8bar with air delivery around 23m3/min, same kw but two stage with 4m3/min higher, which means the electricity costs would be much lower.
For more details of how many percentage electricity costs saving, please contact us freely.

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