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Ukuba iCompressor yoLindelo luyimfuneko?

Time: 2020-09-09 09:49:24

Air compressor as a source of production power, manufacturing enterprises have low season, in order not to affect the production in the peak season, the required equipment will be prepared in advance to improve many enterprises in the use of air compressor, will choose a standby machine
When planning a new air compressor room, should I choose one large compressor or several small ones? I suggest you consider the following aspects
1.What costs will be incurred when the production is stopped because the compressor stops?
2.Whether to consider increasing the use of compressed air equipment in the next few years?
3.Does the factory need compressed air for 24 hours? There is no difference in air demand among different shifts of production?
If additional spare machines are added, will the installation space be sufficient?


You have to increase the number of backup machines

* If the manufacturing front process requirements are very strict, do not allow the interruption of air supply, there must be a spare air compressor
* Continuous use of air industry, such as: foam, die casting abrasive, plastic industry, a day to continue to start production of enterprises 24 hours a day, or the annual startup time of more than 8000 hours
* Continuous mass production, or due to the shutdown of equipment caused by the direct loss of very large (such as glass furnace steel furnace
* Such as work stoppage indirect loss is huge, such as the loss of orders delay huge compensation industry
* Future consumption demand will continue to increase, can consider a certain air reserves


Selection of standby machine

* The required volume flow is divided in two, and if one compressor stops unexpectedly, there is another 50% flow available for emergency supply to the most important production department
* If continuous production is critical, consider three compressors that supply 50% of the air each, so that there is always one standby machine, without fear of loss caused by air compressor failure


Case 1 of standby machine selection

A hardware factory, located in nanhai district, foshan, intends to purchase a 75 kw screw air compressor, because is a new factory, the only part of the production, the follow-up workshop equipment installment with 75 kw is user budget production fully open air remains Kotech sales engineer for customised energy saving plan, recommend the user to select two Kotech permanent magnetic energy saving air compressor, one of them 37 kw, another 45 kw
The biggest benefit of two things: one is because the user workshop master device was staging online, there is a process, less then half a year, more than a year, if only one of 75 kw, air compressor, before the production line is not fully open, this time will cause the waste air with a 45 kw air compressor is to be able to get a good 2 air compressor is a such a transition to open a case, a layer of protection, such as there is a need to overhaul and maintenance, the other part can guarantee the production of air, not plant shutdown


Case 2 of standby Machine selection

Qingyuan some ceramic enterprise is given priority to with foreign trade orders for a long time, the customer request the delivery must be on time, daily production two 160 kw model can satisfy the production air, in order not to let the compressed air affect production, the enterprise additional spare 1 after the outbreak of 132 kw models of ease, orders suddenly exploded, enterprises need to temporary purchase installation, the original standby machine directly to provide air to the production front end, even if there is a repair and maintenance, spare machine also can play a huge role


Maintenance of spare machine

If the enterprise has increased the spare machine, the surplus air compressor should be stopped in the off-season to save electricity and the parallel operation of multiple air compressor, be sure to switch to run regularly For the humid air compressor in the working environment, switching operation is conducive to discharging water in the lubricating oil; If the air pressure captain for a period of time (such as a month or so); It will make the oil particles on the oil filter core or the oil and air separator filter core dry, plug the filter hole of the filter core fiber; Shorten the life of the filter element; Stop the motor rotor for a long time without lubricating oil, so that this part of the rotor and moist air contact and easy to rust; Long time shutdown will also cause the air compressor pipeline or host oil fouling, so that the air compressor forced maintenance If you want to know more about air compressor, please contact Kotech professional team.

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