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Energy Saving Low Pressure Compressor for I. S. Glass Forming Machine in Glass Industry

Time: 2019-04-16 11:21:10

Normally the I. S. glass forming machine required 0.22Mpa and 0.3Mpa pressure according to different technology, screw air compressor is the main equipment in glass production industries, its power consumption accounts for more than 30-50% of the total power consumption of all equipment. We Kotech designed the low pressure energy saving screw compressor, which can save more than 15% to 30% energy than the existing air compressor.

Present situation of air compressor I. S. Glass Forming Machine

Due to the particularity of its own compression principle, the piston compressor or single screw compressor will have the case of air volume reduce with increase of use time, and the internal pressure of the original single screw air compressor system is on the high side, when the exhaust pressure is constant, it can only be adjusted manually by the volume regulating device on the intake valve, but the power consumption is not reduced. Moreover, when the pipe diameter is unreasonable, the pressure loss is large, which means the waste of electric energy. The ideal pipeline design is to achieve zero pressure difference from the air compressor to the terminal gas point.

Many companies do not separate the high and low pressure operation air supply from the source. The high pressure gas is depressurized through the pressure reducing valve. When it is supplied to the low pressure operation air, there is a pressure loss of 1 bar, resulting in a large power cost loss.

To sum up: there are two main energy-saving wastes in the air compressor of existing glass industries:

  • 1. The efficiency of the compressor itself is low (i.e. the unit input is lower than the power), due to the low pressure requirement.
  • 2. Unreasonable system pipeline (high pressure loss and energy consumption).

New Compressed Air Solutions: Kotech Energy Saving Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor.

  • 1. Advanced and efficient low pressure screw air end is selected to make the compressed air pressure customized, same motor power, big air delivery, low specific power.
  • 2. Enlarge the oil-gas separation system, to ensure the oil content of the compressed air is low, and, to ensure the internal pressure of the system is basically the same as the exhaust pressure and reduce the pressure difference.
  • 3. High efficiency PM variable frequency is adopted to realize constant air pressure supply and intelligent control.
  • 4. Two stage compression for much bigger air delivery and higher energy saving efficiency.

Kotech Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor Range:

  • Working pressure: 1.05bar to 5.5bar
  • Air delivery: 3.7m3~84.7m3/min

We committed to provide the most energy saving compressed air solutions:

  • 1. Replacement of old compressor: high efficient energy saving low pressure air compressor replaces the old one.
  • 2. Energy saving pipeline system suggestion.
  • 3. Heat recovery system of air compressor transformation.
  • 4. Frequency conversion transformation of air compressor.

For more details, please feel free to contact Kotech team.

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