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Oil-Free Screw Compressor

The Oil-Free Screw Compressor: The Revolutionary Air Compressor.

The Oil-Free Screw Compressor is a unique and tool that is innovative to make air compressing easier and safer. This kotech kind of compressor stands apart from the sleep given that it does not use oil to operate. Rather, it uses a water-cooled element to cool the compressed air and produce clean and air that is dry. We’ll speak about the many benefits of oil-free screw compressors, the technology that is innovative, and its applications behind it, utilizing, simple tips to service.


One of the most significant great things about making use of an Oil-Free Screw Compressor is the absence of oil contamination. A kotech compressor this is certainly traditional on oil to lubricate its parts that are going facilitate procedure. However, this oil can mix with air and moisture to create contaminants which will damage the equipment that use the  air that is compressed. By having an Oil-Free Screw Compressor you can be confident that the air that is compressed without any oil and other contaminants. An additional benefit of this Oil-Free Screw Compressor is its energy efficiency. Due to the fact compressor does not utilize oil, it does perhaps not create any resistance, enabling it to work smoothly and at a faster rate. This feature that is particular the centrifugal compressors more energy-efficient, which lowers your costs that are operational and ultimately leads to savings as time passes.

  • Innovation


    The Oil-Free Screw Compressor is built to run quietly and effectively. The kotech oil-free compressor's innovative technology uses a sound-dampening system to cut back sound levels unlike old-fashioned compressors, which create a lot of noise. The air conditioning compressor produces air through an school that is elementary called “screws'' that move in the opposing direction to create air this is certainly compressed. The screws are found in an actual method in which allows the compressor to own a tight size, which makes it a facile task to move and make use of.

  • Safety


    Safety is when it requires the Oil-Free Screw Compressor. The kotech compressor does not use flammable or materials which are dangerous run, making it totally safe. Moreover, the usage of water to cool the fresh air this is certainly compressed reduces the risk of explosions, which could happen with oil-lubricated compressors.

  • How to Use an Oil-Free Screw Compressor?

    How to Use an Oil-Free Screw Compressor?

    Running the Oil-Free Screw Compressor is certainly not too difficult, exactly like elementary school work issues. First, link the kotech compressor to the charged power source using the power cable that is supplied. Secondly, connect the hose provided making use of the machine into the object which should be compressed. Before turning concerning the screw compressor, ensure it to run until the pressure that is desired achieved that you have got adjusted the pressure levels that match the object with those suggested by the manufacturers.. Having set the pressure levels, change on the product, and allow.

Why choose kotech Oil-Free Screw Compressor?

  • Reliable Air Compressors

    KOTECH brand air compressors made from high-quality materials and Oil-Free Screw Compressorand able meet the demands reliability from customers. The high quality of air compressor will ensure long lifespan service which will effectively protect interests customers.

  • Efficient Air Compressors

    KOTECH Oil-Free Screw Compressor from brand KOTECH feature advanced technology and possess excellent operating efficiency fulfill the high efficiency demands of clients. The effectiveness of air compressor can as high 90%! This will help save environment and also reduce operating costs.

  • Ideal Air Compressors

    Are you search of Oil-Free Screw Compressor? Kotech has best price and largest selection. KOTECH is leading British air compressor manufacturer Buy now and receive fantastic deal on perfect compressor your needs.

  • Air Compressor solutions

    KOTECH provides Air compressed solutions construction equipment, mining and all industries, every equipment passed process of an inspection the entire factory professionals the engineering. Kotech insists upon most reliable Oil-Free Screw Compressor, a thorough testing the load prior shipping, and superior service after sales.

How to Program the Oil-Free Screw Compressor?

Proper servicing of your Oil-Free Screw Compressor essential to sustain its performance and extend its expected life. The kotech compressor manufacturer generally recommends that you service the equipment after each 2000-3000 operating hours. During service, you'll want to check the water out and oil levels, clear the filter system, and examine the portable air compressor screws as well as other parts. If any parts that are right worn or damaged, replace them straight away.


The Oil-Free Screw Compressor is created to last through the usage of high-grade materials such as for example stainless aluminum and steel that may withstand wear, tear, and corrosion. The kotech apparatus has additionally undergone evaluation that is extensive ensure it meets all safety and quality requirements.


The Oil-Free Screw Compressor can be used in various industries, including food processing, electronics production, medical, and pharmaceutical companies. It is a kotech tool this is certainly operations that are go-to metal cutting, sandblasting, and spray painting. The compressor also plays an essential role in pneumatic drilling and equipment that is dental. Oil-free screw compressors are a vital device with numerous benefits and applications in numerous industries. If you want to cut back your energy consumption, improve efficiency, and achieve neat and protected surroundings, spending in an oil-free screw compressor is a decision that is very good. These air compressor are really easy to use, safe, and sturdy, making them an investment this is certainly worthwhile any workplace.

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