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Mobile air compressor channel sales- Channel sales characteristics

Time: 2022-04-12 14:30:39

Mobile air compressor channel sales (four) - channel sales characteristics Mobile air compressor sales channel, and fixed air compressor is different. Therefore, most air compressor sellers are divided into fixed air compressor and mobile air compressor sales according to different sales channels.

1.Characteristics of mobile air compressor channel:

The boss can not be found The name of mobile air compressor determines that the customer is mobile. Even if you know the demand or find the site, mine, bridge, tunnel and other sites, the boss is generally not present. Unlike fixed air compressor, where the air compressor is, the boss is there.

2.Mobile air compressor channel characteristics:

Large bid must be cast Different from fixed air compressors, the big customers of mobile air compressors are generally state-owned enterprises, such as China Railway, China Construction, China Metallurgical, China Nuclear, large mines and so on. When large quantities are purchased, bidding is required and the cycle is long.

3.Mobile air compressor channel characteristics:

Quantity and profit are inversely proportional Mobile air compressors are generally divided into low wind pressure, medium wind pressure and high wind pressure. In general, most mobile air compressor sales are mainly medium/low wind pressure. The high wind pressure market is generally held in a few strong sellers.


4.Mobile air compressor channel characteristics:

Obvious brand division In the production difficulty of mobile air compressor is much more difficult than fixed air compressor, so from the design, manufacturing and marketing, all brands have great differences. As a customer, more than fixed air compressor product positioning and price.

5.Mobile air compressor channel characteristics:

Parameters are difficult to fake Mobile air compressor use characteristics: fast (gas volume to be enough), stable (pressure to be enough), save (fuel). At the work site, unlike the fixed air compressor has rich configuration. You can turn it on and see if it works.

6.Mobile air compressor channel characteristics:

Durability is king Mobile air compressor is very important in the use of customers, and the work site is far away from the maintenance point and most of the spare machine. Therefore, durable leather is the first choice of customers.


7.Mobile air compressor channel characteristics:

Unreasonable Mobile air compressors are mostly used in bad working conditions. In addition to the altitude and harmful environment (such as Marine platforms, etc.), customers can understand and understand, and any failure in the use of other fields is unforgivable.

Therefore, mobile air compressor channel is mainly distribution, only a win-win situation can develop. To win, in addition to the establishment of appropriate sales channels, but also must have the following

Six points:
· Complete product range;
· Products have advantages;
· Excellent product performance;
· High cost performance;
· Price is close to value;
· High support from manufacturers;

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