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What is the impact of the air compressor not releasing water for a long time?

Time: 2022-05-09 14:47:50

A customer asked: "My screw air compressor has not released water for two months, what will be the impact?"
If water is not released, it will lead to an increase in the water content in the compressed air, affecting the quality of the gas, and affecting the gas equipment at the rear end; the effect of oil and gas separation will become worse, the pressure difference of the oil and gas separator will become larger, and the corrosion of the parts will also be caused.


How is water produced?

The internal temperature of the air compressor is very high when it is working, and the moisture in the natural air inhaled will form water vapor during the operation of the industrial air compressor. The gas receiver can not only provide a buffer and storage space for compressed air, but also reduce pressure and cool down. When the compressed air passes through the air tank, the high-speed air flow hits the wall of the air tank to produce a combined flow, and the temperature drops rapidly in the air tank. A large amount of water vapor is liquefied to form condensate. If you catch up with wet weather or winter, more condensate will form.

When is it generally drained?

According to the specific use environment and working conditions, regular discharge of condensate or installation of automatic drainage. It mainly depends on the humidity of the inhaled air and the outlet temperature of the air compressor.

Introduction to automatic drains

Automatic drains are used to automatically remove condensate from the bottom of pipes, oil-water separators, air tanks and the bottom of various filters. It can be installed in places where artificial sewage is not suitable, such as high, low and narrow places. It also prevents the artificial drainage from being forgotten and causing the compressed air to be re-polluted by condensate.

How the automatic drain works

There is an air cylinder inside the automatic drain, in the state of no water, under the action of air pressure, the air bottle blocks the outlet. Water accumulates in the drain, after reaching a certain water level, the buoyancy is greater than the air pressure, the air bottle floats, the drain opens, the water is discharged under the action of air pressure, while the buoyancy decreases, and the air bottle drops to block the drain.

Electronic and physical automatic drains

TThe automatic drain has electronic and physical, the principle of the electronic drain is: the opening and closing of the electromagnetic valve, the time and period of the automatic drainage opening can be adjusted by setting the switch above. The physical drain is to open the drain by the buoy in the drain. The liquid level in the drain rises, the buoy rises, and the valve opens automatically.

Electronic automatic drain

The electronic automatic drain valve matches the solenoid valve with a solid-state electronic timer analog circuit to realize the timing and automatic discharge of condensate in the screw compressed air system. The discharge time and interval time can be adjusted according to different needs.

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