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What are the reasons for the air delivery of the screw air compressor?

Time: 2020-07-29 10:18:05

At home and abroad, screw air compressor brand is numerous, but with varies air delivery between different brands of screw air compressor. The main reason for the air delivery of the screw air compressor is: Different motor selection, Different power reserve coefficient, Different calibration condition.
1.Different motor selection
Motor is one of the important components of the screw air compressor, which determines the screw air compressor to adapt to the environment and working life. There are special motor and air compressor brand motor on the market, such as YE3 energy efficient motor with stable performance.
2.Different power reserve coefficient
General screw air compressor manufacturers will consider the annual average temperature and humidity, the motor rated power to retain a certain reserve factor, so the motor won’t overloaded when using under the bad weather. This is the reason why varies air delivery of different brand screw air compressor under the same motor rated power. It is advisable for customers to take full account of local climate and ensure that the motor won’t overloaded in harsh weather . Under the same rated power, the larger air delivery of the screw compressor ,the weaker ability to adopt to climate change.
3.Different calibration condition.
China's standard of the screw compressor design conditions:
Atmospheric pressure: 0.1 Mpa (absolutely);
Atmospheric temperature: 20 ℃;
Atmospheric relative humidity: 0;
Water cooled screw air compressor cooling water inlet temperature: 15 ℃;
Air-cooled screw air compressor cooling air temperature: the ambient temperature when the inlet air temperature of 20 ℃

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