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Compressed Air System Controls

  • Ongoing reduction of energy consumption throughout the entire life cycle of the system (simulation-based calculation of the most efficient operation scenario)
  • Control of individual components within a station
  • Compressed air and compressed air cost management
  • Communication between a wide range of system components

Controls and System Performance

Full-load operation is not possible for most air systems. The performance of a part-load is critical and it is mainly influenced by the type of compressor and the control strategy. The control specified for a given system is largely determined by the compressor being used and the facility's demand profile. A simple compressor control system may be adequate if a system has a single compressor with a very steady demand. A more sophisticated strategy will be required for a complex system with multiple compressors, varying demands, and many types of end-users. Both compressor and system control selection should be given careful consideration because they can be the most important factors affecting system performance and efficiency.



Compressed Air Controls
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