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How to Solve the Water Content in Compressed Air in Textile Industry

Time: 2020-04-01 11:31:58
With the continuous development of textile equipment, there are more and more equipment using compressed air, and the water content of compressed air has been a big problem for textile enterprises. Following please find the main reasons and tips solving it.

Reasons of water content in compressed air:

1)Refrigerated air dryer is used but the water removal efficiency is not so good as adsorption air dryer.
2)The outdoor compressed air pipeline is not insulated, so that the air will generate condensate water in the transmission process.
3)The air compressor was purchased many years ago without good maintenance which will result in high exhaust temperature and large moisture content at the same time. Therefore, the load of the air dryer was increased, resulting in the air treatment of the air dryer failing to meet the design standard.
4)The air dryer is equipped with the floating ball type automatic drain valve, which has high failure rate and it is easy to cause the condensate not discharged in time, so that the water flows into the air tank or pipe network.
5) The personnel on duty did not discharge the air compressor and air tank manually in a timely and standard manner.

Ways to solve the water content in compressed air in textile industry:

Technical Measures:

1) heat preservation of outdoor main air pipeline to reduce condensation during compressed air transportation.
2) Replace the intercooler and aftercooler of oil free screw air compressor, reduce the exhaust temperature and water content of the air compressor, reduce the load of the air dryer, and improve the efficiency.
3) Replaced the auto drain valve of air dryer to the electronic drain valve to reduce the failure and ensure the smooth drainage of condensate.
4) Update the precision filter element of the air dryer, improve the effect of water and oil removal, and reduce the blockage of the drain pipe.

Management Measures:

Strengthen the water discharge inspection and assessment of the duty personnel.
1) The attendant of air compressor station is required to discharge water to each air compressor and air tank manual drain valve 5 times per shift.
2) Four water discharge points shall be set in the air jet workshop, which are required to discharge water 5 times per shift, and the time of discharge shall be written down on the site record book with signature.
3) The foreman of the air compressor station shall check every day.

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