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4 Ways To Select A Perfect Air Compressor

Time: 2022-08-19 13:17:54

4 Ways To Select A Perfect Air Compressor

Perfect Screw air compressors are specially designed for compressing all kinds of gases. They are widely used in the food industry, construction field, steel industry, pharmaceutical synthesis, oil and gas and other fields and various factories. Screw compressors play an very important role in different industries with superior performance, such as more stable, more reliable and less maintenance.

At present, there are single-screw and double-screw compressors on the market. Compared with single-screw compressors, double screw compressors have the advantages of extremely high mechanical reliability, stable operation, and strong practicability, which are favored by the market.

Hereby we summaries 4 ways to select a perfect air compressor:

  1. Quality

The quality of screw compressors is mainly divided into three aspects: production technology, manufacturing level, and accessories selection. If a screw compressor is to be sold cheaply and profitably, it can only work on the cost. When choosing a cheap and assembled perfect screw air compressor compressor, it will encounter loud noise and vibration, oil leakage, and high working temperature always, etc. The source of these problems are products without a standardized quality system. So it is recommended to buying good brands with long production history and ability to produce big machines. Don’t find those trading companies.


4 Ways To Select A Perfect Air Compressor


  1. Performance

Qualified screw compressors must take into account performance and cost. The compressor shall be designed effectively adapt to the needs of various working conditions, avoid over-compression or under-compression, and keep the compressor running at the best efficiency and minimum vibration state. The compressor should be equipped with excellent lubricating oil injection system to ensure the reliable lubrication and operation of moving parts such as bearings and rotors, especially for low pressure air compressor, the lower working pressure, the harder to get enough oil lubrication.

  1. After Sales

A good product should not only reflect quality and performance, but also after-sale. Not only the after-sales service of the manufacturer, but also the maintenance of the product by the market-related service providers. For exported goods, a stable foreign trade export team is especially important. A well-maintained screw air compressor can operated for more than 15 years. Choosing a stable factory export team and long-term export sales to provide professional after-sales support and genuine accessories is a good way.

  1. Cost performance and stability

The price of screw compressors ranges from several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many customers do not know how to choose. Some customers choose first-level brands to pay for product performance and after-sales. Some customers choose cheapest brands to get temporary discounts but ignoring product quality, performance and after-sales, which would also cause the big production lose due to the cheap compressor system failure frequently. To find a cost performance product with reasons price and stability is necessary.


4 Ways To Select A Perfect Air Compressor

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